What people say about us

Yusuke Miyake, Tokyo, Japan

„Taner is a descendant of Tatars and his mother tongue was the Tatar language (His collection of poems was also written in the Tatar language), and because the number of people speaking it was declining year after year, he was also worried about the future of the Tatar language. So, his dream was to establish a research center for endangered languages (especially languages in Central Eurasian). This is the most impressive story that I heard during my stay at the haiku festival.”

Kevin Marshall Chopson, Gallatin, Tennessee

„The poem also appears in Chopson’s first collection A Hollow Earth – published by the Anticus Multicultural Association in Constanta, Romania, in 2017. The book features fourteen of Chopson’s previously published poems in English with translations by Taner Murat in Romanian and Crimean Tatar (one of the most ancient languages on Earth). Three years ago today, Chopson was finishing up his experience at the American Comparative Literature Association's conference at Utrecht University in The Netherlands and was about to head-off to A Hollow Earth's book launch (and showing of TOUCHED) in Constanta, with stops (and presentations) in Salzburg and Munich along the way. It was the sabbatical of a lifetime.”

Professor. Dr. Miwa Ota, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan

„I have also joined the photo haiku album, 44 Twin Steps Constanta-Yokohama 1977-2021, Anticus Press, 2021 which celebrates 44 years of twin city partnership between Constanta, Romania and Yokohama, Japan.

This album consists of 88 haiku and photos by 18 poets from Romania and 7 poets from Japan. The poems are made in Romanian and Japanese, and translated in Romanian, Japanese, Tatar, and English.

On April 18, 2021, the poets from Romania and Japan meet at ZOOM to talk about tradition and innovation of haiku by Matsuo Basho, the modernization of haiga or simple paintings which accompany and interact with haiku as photo haiku album, and appreciate exquisite collaboration between Romanian and Japanese haiku and photos.”

E.D. (a child from an orphanage in Constanta, Romania)

„Today I was on a trip to Mangalia. It was the most beautiful day of my life.”

Kevin Marshall Chopson, Gallatin, Tennessee

„In July 2017, I had the honor of being, for the absolute premiere of the film TOUCHED, in front of a select audience from Constanta. Now that the film already has 5 international awards, I am grateful to the Anticus Multicultural Association for organizing that auspicious premiere.”

Lecturer Dr. Soussi Houssine, National School of Business and management, University of Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Morocco

„I have participated in the conference „The Annual Kurultai of the Endangered Cultural Heritage” and I ended up falling in love with Constanta.”

Dr. Yelis Erolova, Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria

„I like to attend conferences in nice cities like Constanta: morning - session, afternoon beach. ‘Saru mana doamnaaa.’

Now we are at the ballet on the shore of the lake in Ovidiu. I don't want to go back to Bulgaria.”

Maria Vaida, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

„The Anticus Multicultural Association organizes more cultural events for Constanta than an entire Ministry of Culture”

Taro Aizu, Fukushima, Japan

„Unbelievable! Translated and read by Taner Murat, the Romanian version of my poem ‘My Hometown, Fukushima’ has more than 20k Likes. That is more than the English version.”

Dr. Mieste Hotopp-Riecke, The Institute for Caucasica, Tatarica and Turkestan Studies from Germany (ICATAT), Magdeburg, Germany

„Academics and artists listened to Tatar Poems and Music from Japan, Iceland and Australia to Germany and Morocco. The Tatar translator, poet and philologist Taner Murat had once again invited artists and scientists to his hometown Constanta on the Black Sea. He and his colleagues from the Anticus Multicultural Association regularly organize scientific congresses on the one hand and cultural and art events on the other. Due to the corona pandemic, these formats came together this year: At the end of November, four events were held online in digital format.”

George Popa, Constanta PULS TV ONLINE

„In the Marathon of Constanta writers, Luciana Serban and Taner Murat recited a fragment in Mihai Eminescu's „The Morning Star” in Romanian and in Tatar. A transcendence of poetry over languages, over nations, making „The Morning Star” immortal by descending also in Tatar language.