Paper Submission FAQs

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Can I submit more than one paper?

An individual may submit only ONE PAPER for consideration for The Annual Kurultai of the Endangered Cultural Heritage. We recommend discussing your proposal with the seminar organizer in advance of formal submission, which will give you the best chance for successful inclusion.

Can I present in more than one seminar?

As an individual may submit only ONE PAPER for consideration for AKECH, you may only present in ONE SEMINAR.

I am a seminar organizer and want to present a paper in my own seminar. Do I still need to submit a paper abstract?

Yes, you need to propose a paper for your own seminar. We need to have record of every submission which may possibly be part of the seminar presentations. No paper abstracts will be considered by the selections committee after the May 31st . Be certain that your own paper abstract has been submitted via our website before that date, or you will not be allowed to present in your own seminar.

I’ve been invited by a seminar organizer to participate in a seminar. Do I need to to get my paper entered into the system?

Any individual who wishes to present a paper in a seminar must submit an abstract by way of our website before the May 31st deadline. If you have submitted an abstract directly to a seminar organizer by email, be certain that you have ALSO submitted the abstract via our website before the aforementioned deadline, or it will NOT be considered.

I am a seminar organizer and have received an abstract for my seminar which was emailed directly to me. Can this paper still be considered?

No. All papers MUST be submitted via our website or emailed to us. If you have received an abstract directly, please contact the individual and make certain that they understand the abstract needs to be received by us via our website or email.

I am not a member of the Anticus Multicultural Association. Can I submit my proposal?

Anticus Multicultural Association membership is NOT required for you to submit a paper proposal.

I’ve submitted my abstract to the seminar. Does this mean I can begin preparation to attend AKECH?

There are still a few steps in the process before you can safely assume that you will be presenting at AKECH. On or around June 15th, you should receive final notification on whether or not your abstract was accepted to be presented at AKECH. If you receive positive news, you have to send us the final paper by August 31st. Then you may begin making your preparations (flights, hotel rooms, etc) for attending the Kurultai.

A colleague and I wished to co-author a presentation for AKECH. Can we submit a joint abstract?

Yes. The Kurultai does allow for co-authored (and presented) works. The submissions form has space for you to include the co-author’s name and contact information.

What is the maximum length of an abstract submission?

We recommend abstracts to contain up to 300 words.