Lidia Drozdova

Cultural Heritage Promotion Through Art

Lidia Drozdova

Art-manager and art-journalist, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Mr. Suat Irfan Gunsel - the Founder of the world's only Turkic-speaking countries Contemporary Art Museum, the director and the main sponsor of its construction. A native of Cyprus, a prominent businessman, a true patriot of his country, a generous owner of the grandiose project.

The symposium, which has no equal in the world in terms of the scale and implementation, is now becoming known to the whole world. Here a museum is being built, which will have an area of 2000 square meters, beautiful in its architecture with a huge transparent dome crowned with flags of 14 Turkic-speaking countries.

The symposium is being held at the Middle East University in Levkosh. Mr. Suat Bay Gunsel is the founder and rector of this educational institution, where students from more than 120 countries of the world study. It is here that the workshops of artists and sculptors are located.

The Construction of the Central Museum of Contemporary Art is still ongoing.

On the right is founder's main assistant, translator of the Cyprus Museum and Symposium, Nargiza Reyimova from Azerbaijan. All the artists at the symposium loved her.

Orazbek Esenbayev (famous artist - sculptor from Almaty, Kazakhstan) received the first and only Gold Medal at the Cypriot symposium.

The large painting by Orazbek Yesenbayev, 10 meters long, is painted with a pen.

Fragments of works, artist Yesenbaev Orazbek, artist from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Artists quarantined during the Pandemic era at the Cypriot Symposium. Artists from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, etc. were stuck in quarantine.

Kazakhstan artists paint their artworks in the studio. at the symposium, common creativity brought together artists from different countries.

The young talented artist Anatoly Drozdov from Kazakhstan, Almaty city, surprised all Cypriots with his modern paintings dedicated to women.

Drozdov Anatoly received two awards: Silver Key and an Award named after Dogdurbek.

Botagoz Tolesh near her artwork, a talented artist from Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Painting "Kara Zhorga" oil on canvas 210x300, Author Nurbek Zhardemov, the artist from Uralsk, Kazakhstan.

Manarbek Davletyarov, artist from Atyrau, Kazakhstan.

An artist from Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Amanat Nazarkul near his 5-meter painting.

Painting "The Wolf", artist Abduakhat Muratbaev, from Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

Artwork "Turkish Hamam", oil on canvas 300x630. Author Lidiya Drozdova, from Almaty, Kazakhstan. The size of the painting is 3 meters high, length -6 meters. The picture was painted by her in 4 months. The composition contains 50 figures.

The creative process over the second painting ''Turkish Hammam'' author Lidiya Drozdova.

Painter Lidiya Drozdova in the process of writing the fourth huge painting "Turkish Hamam".

A talented painter from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Muradzhon Urmanov near his painting.

Sculptor from Almaty, Kazakhstan, Shokan Tolesh near his work.

Sculptor from Kyrgyzstan Kutman Rasulov. Artwork "Morning".

A talented sculptor from Kyrgyzstan Naziridin Mamatnabi Uulu.

Sculptor Naziridin Mamatnabi Uulu. Sculpture "Saxophonist".

An artwork by a sculptor from Kyrgyzstan Andabek Uulu Omurbek ('' A Girl Combing Her Hair '').

Creative work of a painter from Almaty, Kazakhstan Aydos Seydakul.

Rakhat Saparalieva - a talented painter from Taraz, Kazakhstan.

Talented artists from Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Farrukh Akhmataliev and Mirvohid Mirsaidov.

One of the paintings of Farrukh Akhmataliev.

A painter from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Almaz Sharshekeyev. Presentation of the Silver Key award from Suat Irfan Gunsel.

Artists from Kazakhstan in the workshop. Alexey Utkin, Anatoly Drozdov and Igor Gushchin.

Such a creative process was every day at the symposium. Artists painted their canvases from morning to evening. Artists Utkin Alexey and Drozdov Anatoly. (Kazakhstan).

Artists from different countries at the exhibition.

At the symposium, artists were united by a thirst for creativity and a love of art (artists: Yerlan Nazarkul, Lidiya Drozdova, Igor Gushchin, at the center, artists-professors from Cyprus K. Husnu Can Baser and Murad Allahverdiyev).

All Kazakhstan artists are grateful to the brilliant leader of the Cypriot symposium, Mr. Suat Irfan Gunsel, for the gorgeous opportunity to create artworks in comfortable conditions. We are grateful for the vast experience of joint cooperation in a special energetic aura, which caused admiration and delight.

191 artists from Kazakhstan attended the symposium. And I am proud that the works of art