2020.07.17: Writers in Constanta and Yokohama to mark 44 years of city partnership with a unique photo-haiku album and exhibition

Next year, in 2021, Constanța and Yokohama will celebrate 44 years of city partnership. Anticus Multicultural Association decided to illustrate this beautiful anniversary with a photo-haiku album and exhibition entitled „44 Twin Steps Constanta Yokohama 1977-2021.”

The project will be coordinated by Taner Murat and Yusuke Miyake. The two enthusiasts of photographic art and poetry met for the first time and became good friends in August 2019, in Constanța, on the occasion of the National Haiku Festival organized by the Constanța Haiku Society.

They will create in each city 44 literary-artistic essays combining photographic images with a haiku. Haiku is a short form of Japanese poetry consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three verses. Established poets and young students from the two cities will be invited to contribute with haiku to some of these collages. The poems will be translated into Romanian, Japanese, and English.

Finally, the 88 collages will be published in the form of a photo-haiku album and exhibition. The first release of the album and the inauguration of the exhibition will be organized in Constanța, on February 11, 2021, on the occasion of the National Foundation Day of Japan, and the second will take place in Bucharest, on February 23, 2021, on Emperor's Birthday.

The funds collected through album sales will be donated to Constanța City Hall for the rehabilitation and protection of the Japanese Lamp in Tăbăcăriei Park.

Some changes may occur in the program due to COVID-19.