Enver İbrahimov

Men anamnıñ bir qızı edim. A Crimean Tatar traditional folk song.

Enver İbrahimov counts “Men anamnıñ bir qızı edim” (I was my mother's daughter) among his favorite melodies. This song reminds him of a wonderful time in his childhood when his grandparents still lived there and his grandmother often sang this song. It is about a young woman who is her mother's only daughter and who is about to get married to found her own family. This is a folk song and its melody expresses the somewhat sad feelings of the young woman who will now have to leave her parents' home. Enver İbragimov got to know the song at weddings and birthdays, only in Uzbekistan and, after the family moved in 1989, back to the Crimea, where tens of thousands of Crimean Tatars who had been deported to Central Asia by the Stalin regime in 1944 were resettled.

„When I was 11 years old boy, I learned Crimean Tatar melodies at the music school in Bahçisaray and then played this song at concerts and competitions. When I am playing it here, in Germany, it means for me the nostalgic memory of Crimean Tatar weddings, because most of the time I played this song there and of course about my home on the Black Sea...”

says Enver bey. As a variation, the word "qız" (daughter) is changed from time to time at weddings to "oğlı" - son, otherwise the song is now played in the traditionally format heard by the grandparents.

Enver İbragimov still plays this song most of the time at weddings (although not so often in exile) and concerts in the context of Crimean Tatar culture in Crimea are currently not on the agenda. In Germany he plays it at events such as vernissages, conferences and soirées organized by the ICATAT institute.

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