2020.10.06: The photo-haiku contribution deadline is October 31st

Constanta and Yokohama were twinned in 1977. The writers from Constanta and their friends from Yokohama decided to mark this 44th anniversary with a photo-haiku exhibition entitled „44 TWIN STEPS CONSTANTA-YOKOHAMA 1977-2021” to be opened at the beginning of 1921. On the Japanese side, the coordinator of this project is the poet Yusuke Miyake, while poets Yasuhiro Yotsumoto, Takako Arai, Miwa Ota, Hiroshi Eda, Jordan Smith and Shintaro Uomura will contribute with their work. On the Romanian side, the project is coordinated by Laura Văceanu, president of the Constanta Haiku Society and Taner Murat, president of the Anticus Multicultural Association. The following poets also announced their participation: Ioana Bud, Gheorghe Mihalache, Arșaluis Gurău, Olga Duțu, Aurel Lăzăroiu, Vasilica Mitrea, Anastasia Dumitru, Tănase Serea, Gabi Vlad, Camelia Suciu, Daniela Varvara, Marina Cușa, Mirela Savin, Nastasia Panica, Dan Norea, Cojocaru Mihaela, Argentina Stanciu, Elena Stănescu and Coca Elena Gheorghiu.

As you can see, the teams of creators are already formed and the project is taking shape. Most of the photos to be exhibited have been selected. The organizers have set October 31st as the deadline for the completion of haiku contributions, and the poets are working to meet this deadline. The 88 collages will be presented first in Constanța, on February 11, 2021, and then in Bucharest, on February 23, 2021. The exhibitions will be accompanied by an album. The funds collected from its sale will be donated to Constanța City Hall for the rehabilitation and protection of the Japanese Lamp in Tăbăcăriei Park.